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MassDOT Highway - Utility Directives Briefing Materials - 2-1-2012

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MassDOT Utility Policies and Directives Workshop



The MassDOT Highway Division held a February 1, 2012 briefing about recently issued Engineering Directives related to Utilities* for the engineering, contracting and utility community in cooperation with ACEC/MA, BSCES, CIM, MALSCE and the utilities. 
Thank you to Guy Rezendes, PE, State Utilities-Railroad Engineer, Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division, for his presentation.


Download the Powerpoint Presentation:  



Review the new directives:
*This session covered:
E-11-003 Electronic Utility Plan Submissions
E-11-005 ROW Policy for Utility Relocations with MassDOT Projects 
E-11-006 Utility Durations within MassDOT Contracts
E-11-008 - Utility Reimbursement Policy 
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*Electronic Utility Plan Submissions - E-11-003

his Directive supersedes Engineering Directive E-10-003, “Electronic Utility Plan Submissions,” dated May 5, 2010.


*Right-of-Way Policy for Utility Relocations within MassDOT Projects - E-11-005

Effective for all projects advertised after September 30, 2012, for which MassDOT is responsible for securing the necessary Right-of-Way (ROW), MassDOT shall acquire all necessary ROW for the accommodation, removal and relocation of utilities.


*Proposed Utility Relocation Durations within MassDOT Construction Contracts E-11-006

Effective immediately, MassDOT shall include the time required to perform all necessary utility relocation work associated with a construction project in the proposed contract duration for all new construction contracts


*Utility Reimbursement Policy - E-11-008
Defines the Utility Reimbursement Policy for all projects advertised after September 30, 2012--which is a date change. Provides for 100% reimbursement to municipally-owned utilities and 50% incentive-based reimbursement to privately-owned utilities.


*National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Preliminary Design Requirements for Federally Funded Transportation Projects - E-11-009
Clarifies FHWA requirements under NEPA regarding evaluating and mitigating the potential environmental effects of transportation projects. Defines activities that may be advanced under preliminary design prior to completion of the NEPA review process. Directs that MassDOT not take any action that will prejudice selection of a preferred alternative.


For a full list of MassDOT Engineering Directives:


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