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MassDOT Issues New Engineering Directives

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The MassDOT Highway Division has issued two new Engineering Directives dated 7/25/12.  These directives are currently available on the MassDOT website:
E-12-008 – Supplemental Specifications – June 15, 2012
E-12-008 formally issues the June 15, 2012 edition of the Supplemental Specifications to the Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges, for use on all projects advertised after July 1, 2012. 
E-12-009 – Section 850, Traffic Controls for Construction and Maintenance Operations
E-12-009 introduces key revisions to Section 850 of Division II of the Supplemental Specifications.  E-12-009 supersedes E-02-003, Safety Controls for Construction Operations, dated June 26, 2002.

Link to the full list of MassDOT Engineering Directives:


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