Welcome Construction Career Days Sponsors – past, present, & future



The Massachusetts Construction Career Day Committee would like to extend a warm thank you, to MassCCD event sponsors. Without your commitment and support, this educational opportunity to expand future industry workforce would be lost. We are especially thankful to the New England Labor Training Academy (NELTA) administrator James Merloni Jr. and Director of Training, James Merloni III, who graciously host this annual event. Other event sponsors are likewise indispensible, providing funding, construction equipment, materials and personnel. Becoming a sponsor provides a company or an individual the opportunity to expose students, the workforce of tomorrow, to careers in the construction industry.

Over 15,000 students, teachers and chaperones, from across the Commonwealth, have attended this event. They participated in a unique hands-on learning environment, with activities ranging from educational skill challenges, operation of grading, paving and hoisting equipment, cement finishing, carpentry and metalwork, welding, ground survey, and other construction and engineering related events. As the next MassCCD approaches, please consider joining our efforts. All sponsors receive recognition on the MassCCD website and an optional link to the sponsor’s company. 


For additional information about events, past and present, see the following links:    


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Principal and General Sponsors
Participating Schools
National CCDC Website

For those of you interested in providing greater support to the event, please consider becoming either a principal or general sponsor. Principal sponsor status can be obtained through a minimum donation of $5,000, or member status can be obtained for a minimum donation of $1,000.  
If you or you firm would like to become a sponsor, contact:
Karen Dodge
(413) 545-0635