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2nd Biennial Charles C. Ladd Memorial Lecture

Description 2nd Biennial Charles C. Ladd Memorial Lecture will be held on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 5:30PM at Northeastern University. Registration is free to all!
Status Open
Number of Days 1
Start Time 5:30 PM
Begin Date 11/06/2017
End Date 11/06/2017
Early Reg: 11/06/2017

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Location name: Northeastern University
Location phone: (617) 373-2000
City: Boston
State: MA
Meeting Room:

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    Second Biennial Charles C. Ladd Memorial Lecture  
Selected Case Histories of Ground Characterization and Performance: SHANSEP and Beyond  
Sponsored by the Geo-Institute Boston Chapter         
Demetrious C. Koutsoftas, PE, GE  
Geotechnical Consultant, DKGC, Inc.  
Monday,  November  6, 2017    
Northeastern University  
Registration and Social: Alumni Center, 716 Columbus Ave., 6th Floor Boston,MA  
Lecture: Auditorium of the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex Building (102 ISEC), 805 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA  
5:30 PM Registration and Social; 6:30 PM Presentation  
The lecture highlights important lessons learned from several case histories involving projects for which Professor Ladd served as consultant and made important contributions in the development of the site investigation/ground characterization programs, development of design parameters and, where applicable, in the evaluation of the performance of the completed structures. The lecture presents information from investigations for the following: (1) an offshore nuclear power plant that was planned to be constructed three miles off the coast of New Jersey, known as the Atlantic Generating Station (AGS) project; (2) the investigations for the new Hong Kong Airport and the prototype test fill constructed to evaluate issues of slope stability and ground improvement involving vertical drains with and without surcharge; (3) characterization of the San Francisco Bay Mud and lessons learned from a prototype test fill; a deep excavation in downtown San Francisco; and an excavation failure in soft Bay Mud; (4) the investigation and the results of a special testing program focused on the determination of the drained strength properties (effective-stress-strength parameters) of a variety of different clays at low effective stresses.
The common thread to all these projects is the application of the SHANSEP method in the test procedures and interpretation of field and laboratory test results in order to characterize the different clay formations involved in each project, to solve problems of stability and deformation analysis. The other common characteristic is that the case histories involve complex and high profile projects which required extensive investigations, laboratory testing, and in special cases prototype field tests to properly characterize the soils and develop design and construction recommendations.
The lecture concludes with some personal observations on current practice involving “soft” ground construction, strength characterization, and the state of application of numerical analysis techniques in practice.
If you have any questions about this event, please contact Lucy Jen at  or 617/642-0502.       
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Registration Deadline: Monday, 30 October 2017
Free to Members and Non-Members
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