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POSTPONED to 11/5: Public Presentation Skills: Two Part Seminar

Description POSTPONED to 11/5: Public Presentation Skills with Bill Schoenberg and Dale Carnegie
Status Open
Number of Days 1
Start Time 3:30 PM
Begin Date 10/22/2012
End Date 10/22/2012
Early Reg: 10/22/2012

Location information

Location name: The Engineering Center
Location phone: 617-227-5551
City: Boston
State: MA
Meeting Room:

Web Profile

10/29 Session POSTPONED to 11/5
Two, three hour training sessions at The Engineering Center.
Instructor:  Bill Schoenberg
The sessions will focus on presentation and communication skills. The program will be designed to help participants build confidence and credibility when presenting to clients. In addition, they will increase their ability to sell their ideas and gain commitment. The program focuses on:
  • Helping participants structure a presentation, build credibility and sell ideas
  • Presenting information so that it is related to people of varying skill levels
  • Using voice and gesture to create a strong impression
  • Dealing with difficult questions and maintaining composure
  • Creating effective visuals that assist in increasing self-confidence
As a result of this program, participants will be better able to:
  • Project confidence in front of a group
  • Create an effective opening for a presentation
  • Capture and hold the audience’s attention (We must know our audience ahead of time)
  • Define the goals of a presentation and structure it accordingly
  • Be more persuasive with supporting facts, examples, and analogies
  • Sell themselves and their ideas effectively
  • Deal with difficult questions and remarks professionally
  • Present technical information to relate to people of varying skill levels
  • Close a presentation and ask for a commitment confidentially
Corporate Training Experience:  Mr. Schoenberg brings over 15 years of training and facilitation experience to the training room. He has worked individuals, teams and organizations across a broad spectrum of industry verticals including: Life Sciences, High Tech, Telecom, Retail, and Finance. Recent clients included State Street, Stop and Shop, Wellington Akamai Technologies, Staples, and Boston Scientific.
Client Experience:  When Mr. Schoenberg engages with a client, he taps into a reservoir of experience and knowledge that is deep and diverse. His background in Business, Performance Enhancement, Executive Coaching and Counseling gives him a unique understanding of human behavior. His style is dynamic and engaging.
Two recent client testimonials demonstrate the results that Mr. Schoenberg delivers:
Bill brought amazing energy to the group (much needed as we were all often a little fatigued after a long days' work and travel). Bill showed a very keen insight into the diverse experiences discussed by this group of learners, deftly balanced the varying individual expectations and needs, and brought an exceptional good humor every week.  
       -- Manager, Health Care

I had taken already taken many leadership courses including part of MBA studies but this stands out by a mile.
       -- Project Manager, IT

Previous Industry Experience:
Mr. Schoenberg has over 20 years of business experience. His experience is quite diverse and includes formal recognition for his expertise in two industries: Food and Beverage and Maritime Shipping and Logistic.
In addition, he has worked with individuals and teams at all levels of Athletic Performance including: Elite juniors, Olympic and Paralympic teams and Professional athletes.  He has successfully coached at the regional, national, international and world championship level. Previous industry roles include:  Sales Associate, Key Account Manager, Regional Manager, Director of Programming, Executive Coach and Sport Psychology Consultant.
Trainer Certifications:
Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. - Licensed Trainer in the Dale Carnegie Course?, High Impact Presentations and Live Online Delivery
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