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ACEC/MA Everest Event

Description Everest Event exclusively for senior executives of our member firms
Status Open
Number of Days 3
Start Time 7:00 PM
Begin Date 11/06/2009
End Date 11/08/2009
Early Reg: 10/30/2009

Location information

Location name: See Web Profile for Details
Location phone: 802-225-7125
City: Chatham
State: MA
Meeting Room:

Web Profile

The 2009 ACEC/Massachusetts Everest Executive Conference will be held at the Wequassett Resort in Chatham,, on the weekend of November 6-8, 2009.
To download the flyer and registration form go to:
Our thought leader for the conference will be Hugh Hochberg of The Coxe Group, a distinguished consultant in our industry. This conference involves a high degree of networking; a Saturday session on "The Evolving Workplace," for which preparatory reading is done and a Sunday morning session centered around a specific topic which the group wants to discuss. Feel Free to bring a guest who can take advantage of all that the resort and surrounding area has to offer, while you engage in high-level, meaningful and stimulating discussions on Saturday and Sunday.
-  More change has occurred in the workplace of professional practice in the last three years than in the previous hundred. Only  
some of this change is directly attributable to technology, which is deemed by many to be both the catalyst of change and the  
demon of change.
-  The lifeblood of professional practice will continue to be its talent.  In particular, forward-thinking, creative, innovative, challenge-  the-conventions talent that will distinguish leading, highly valued companies from those who absorb, repeat, and advance  existing intellectual capital. 
-  Intellectual capital will more quickly move into the public domain, giving more and more people practitioners and others - access to it.  
-  Even the less hip and less socially connected members of the younger generation will increase their use of technology-based social networks (Face Book, My Space, Twitter, etc.)  
-  Within 10 years, more than half of the decisions related to hiring a professional services firm will be heavily influenced by social networking and other aspects of viral marketing, and the over-40-year-old segment of the population experience varying degrees of separation from the younger and increasing influential generations that follow.  
-  Near-term economic woes hugely impede career starts of new graduates, and it is a world-wide
phenomenon. (Over half of this year's graduates of China's universities will be unable to find employment.)  
-Revitalizing of the engineering and design services will precede mid and longer term overall economic recovery, although the recovered economy will differ substantially from the boom economy that fizzled in 2008.
These and other factors will have considerable impact on critical aspects of professional
-  Recruitment, development, and retention of talent  
-  Leadership evolution  
-  Marketing, particularly in light of the advent of viral marketing  
-  Cultural issues related to generational difference regarding values, expectations, and technology-based social networking  
-  Organizational, leadership, and management issues related to increasing flexible work styles, geographic service area  expansion, and demographic patterns (most notably the continuing trend toward starting families later)  
-  Maintaining a focus on quality of service and project delivery
About Everest Event:
Facilitator Hugh Hochberg In 30 years of consulting as a partner in The Coxe Group, Hugh Hochberg has helped professionals from over 600 professional service firms organize and manage their practices and solve problems in areas such as strategic planning, ownership transition, firm valuation, mergers and acquisitions, partnering and strategic affiliations, team building and conflict resolution, organizational structure, management and governance procedures and systems, marketing organization and programs, marketing and selling strategies, market research and image studies, selling skills training, professional development, project process, recruitment, leadership evolution, financial management, profit planning, and compensation systems.
Early bird pricing for this event is $2250 for ACEC members, as long as you register before October 30, 2009. This includes all your lodging, most meals and preparatory materials. Your guest is included for Friday cocktails and Saturday dinner. Reserve your place at this exclusive event soon, as space is limited and the pricing after October 30, 2009 will increase to $2500.
For more information on the program, contact Elizabeth Tyminski at 617-305-4127 or for information on the resort:
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