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ITS Massachusetts 19th Annual Meeting and Convention

Description ITS, Data and Seamless Transportation
Status Open
Number of Days 2
Start Time 12:00 PM
Begin Date 05/06/2014
End Date 05/07/2014
Early Reg:

Location information

Location name: State Transportation Building
Location phone: 857-368-4636
City: Boston
State: MA
Meeting Room: 2nd Floor

Web Profile

2014 Annual ITS Massachusetts Conference
ITS Massachusetts and ITS Connecticut Present:
ITS, Data and Seamless Transportation
19th ITS Massachusetts Annual Meeting and Conference
Now a two-day event!
Tuesday, May 6 - Wednesday, May 7, 2014
State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, Boston MA
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We have expanded this year's conference to two days, increasing your opportunity to contribute and learn about many facets of ITS. This year our focus is on using ITS to create tools that provide travelers with multimodal information at their fingertips and increases the safety of traveling. With the recent emphasis at the Federal level on connected travelers and vehicles, New England is exploring how to take advantage of the most recent developments in this area. A significant part of this area is the use and analysis of open and big data generated by ITS systems. Further, autonomous vehicles, or driverless cars, are becoming more and more prominent in the news. Finally, "smart cities" are taking advantage of all of these developments in ITS. Sessions at this year's annual meeting will cover these topics, including innovations in technology to improve traveler information, open data policies and use, connected vehicle applications, issues associated with autonomous vehicles and smart cities. The conference represents a unique opportunity to increase your ITS knowledge and network with the leading ITS transportation professionals in New England.
You may Register Online or download a Registration Form. Be advised that registration fees have changed this year for the first time in many years. These changes were necessary to bring you the quality event that we all demand when we attend conferences. Prices are as follows:
  • Public/Academic Sector Registrants - $40
  • Private Sector Registrants (member of ITSMA) - $200
  • Private Sector Registrant (nonmember of ITSMA) - $300
Sponsorships and Exhibitors
What to Exhibit/Sponsor our event? We draw hundreds of ITS professionals from across the region, making our meeting the perfect place to showcase your organization. This year offers many new and exciting ways to both support the ITS industry in New England, and showcase your firm/organization's capabilities and expertise. You can now sponsor any number of activities within the annual meeting, or just become a general sponsor of the event!
  • ITSMA Member - $500
  • ITSMA Nonmember - $700
General Annual Meeting Sponsorship Levels:
  • Sponsor - $500
  • Partner - $1000
  • Champion - $2000
ITSMA Sponsors and Partners receive various benefits, as described in the Exhibitor/Sponsor Form. ITS MA Champions receive all the benefits of Sponsors and Partners, automatic "Sponsor" level for the next year's annual meeting (this can be upgraded the following year to any other level), and sponsorship of an upcoming "Professionally Social Series" event of the Champion's choice.
Unique Event Sponsorships:
(Single-Sponsor Events) - Unique event sponsorships showcase a single firm as the sponsor of the activity. The firm's logo will be displayed prominantly throughout the conference venue, and the sponsor will be able to introduce the activity to the attendees with a 3 minute presentation describing what their organization does. If interested, contact Catherine Burns at  
  • Networking Sessions (3 sponsorships available) - $500 each
  • Lunchtime Sponsors (2 sponsorships available) - $500 each
  • Social Hour Sponsor (1 available) - $1000 (includes 5 min. presentation)
Presentation Abstracts
Want to be a presenter at this year's event? Please submit abstracts to Carol Schweiger at
Calling all Students!
One session will be entirely dedicated to showcasing student works. If you are interested in presenting your undergraduate or graduate transportation-focused research project, please submit an abstract to the email above.  
Want to Get Involved? Or do you have Questions?
Contact Annual Meeting Chair, Peter Sutton at
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